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Anja Snauwaert

In addition to her studies in business management and decades of experience in the hospitality industry, Anja has a continuous interest in fashion, art and architecture. She has always been an advocate of natural and healthy eating habits, supplemented with an occasional nice glass of wine. Her infectious enthusiasm and smile suddenly creates a wonderful home feeling.


Eric Maes

After his studies in commercial sciences, Eric worked for almost a decade in the family business -a pioneer in nutritional supplements- successively in the purchasing and marketing department, which made him a passionate self-taught person if it comes to a healthy diet and lifestyle and natural products.

Along with experimenting in different artistic disciplines, Eric discovers his passion in the kitchen, retraining himself as a Chef and specializing as Pizzaiolo in Naples.

His fascination for the natural primal force "fire" made the choice for an authentic wood oven and grill evident.

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Rocco Eats

With Rocco Eats, Eric and Anja present a delicious and honest kitchen, focused on quality ingredients, prepared tasty and pure and paired with the better wines and beers.
The dishes change according to the supply by our suppliers and the season and are prepared on the charcoal grill or in the authentic wood oven.
As coastal people we have a preference for dishes based on fish and shellfish, but vegetables and meat also have their place on the menu.

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